How does it work?

If your client’s employee loses benefit eligibility either by employment termination, retirement, reduction in hours, or any other COBRA qualifying event, that employee becomes entitled to a continuation of benefits through COBRA. Within 45 days after the employee’s loss of coverage, the employee will receive a notice outlining their rights to COBRA continuation and their COBRA election notice allowing them to select the coverage(s) that they’d like to continue. The COBRA election notice will include all of the dates, deadlines, and rules for making an election. Using that information, the employee is able to make an election online or submit their election using the paper form included.

Who is eligible to continue coverage through COBRA?

Employees, covered spouses, or covered children all have rights to continue coverage under the COBRA continuation coverage rules. Each individual in the employee’s family is considered a qualified beneficiary. A qualified beneficiary is any individual who has experienced a loss in coverage and has an independent right to elect COBRA continuation coverage. This means that they can pick and choose between the available COBRA plans or decline COBRA continuation coverage in its entirety.


We offer a full-service solution that can handle every aspect of your client’s COBRA administration. Using the COBRAPointâ„¢ system by Benaissance, the industry-leader in COBRA administration software, we deliver our clients a complete outsourcing solution that includes the following services:

  • Carrier notifications for reinstatement / loss of coverage
  • All COBRA letters (General notice, QE notice, rate change letter, etc.)
  • Premium remittance to client or carrier with premium payment reports
  • Premium collection and tracking with partial premium payment rules
  • Open enrollment services including carrier forms, rate tables, etc.

What types of reports are accessible?

The COBRAPointâ„¢ System allows the employer to runs numerous reports, including, but not limited to:

  • Qualified Beneficiary Plan Member Summaries
  • Paid Through Reports
  • Remittance Reports

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