How does it work?

The GoNavia Commuter Benefit allows participants to place orders for their monthly parking and/or transit expenses right through our website. Their order amounts will be deducted from their paychecks pretax and loaded onto a Navia Benefits Card. The Navia Benefits Card can then be used in place of a personal debit or credit card to purchase services at any transit or parking facility that accepts MasterCard.

Participant Features

We provide our participants with the top tools and resources available without any additional costs. The services listed below are included for participants as part of our standard administration.

  • The Navia Benefits Debit Card
    Funds will be loaded onto the card to pay at point of sale or auto-load a transit pass.
  • Online ordering platform
    Participant-driven platform allowing month-to-month order changes.
  • Employee-friendly ordering deadline
    Participants can place orders between the 1st and 20th of the month prior to the benefit month.
  • Recurring Online Orders
    Employees can setup their monthly order to automatically recur based on their own custom schedule.
  • Online Account Access
    Account access to check balances and place orders during the monthly ordering period.
  • Direct Deposit
    For participants using the optional “pay me directly” option.

Employer Features

Your clients will be provided with the best features available in the industry at no additional cost to the client or the client’s employees. The services listed below are included as part of our standard plan administration.

  • Customizable benefit options
  • Online Account Access and Eligibility reporting
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Plan Document & SPD Preparation
  • Secure File Uploads
  • Proprietary ordering platform that allows for employer-directed maximums
  • Employee level, benefit-specific or umbrella-specific subsidies
  • Single debit card that is used for both parking and transit benefits
  • Streamlined reporting for payroll and finance

Do you use any third parties for fulfillment or service?

Nope. Our platform is 100% proprietary and participant’s maintain complete control of their commuter benefits with their local transit providers. Participants are using our Navia Benefits Card in place of a personal debit or credit card to purchase their services or load funds onto their transit passes.

Single Card Solution

Is your client planning on offering an FSA or HSA to their employees now or in the future? The GoNavia Commuter Program is part of our Single Card Solution suite of benefits. These benefits are consolidated onto a single debit card with the technology to recognize the types of card charges and allocate funds accordingly.

Interested in learning more?

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