How does it work?

HRA plans have endless design options and can be shaped to best fit your client’s financial goals and employee benefit needs. In many cases, the HRA functions as a simple reimbursement account. The employee submits a claim accompanied by itemized documentation to Navia for approval. Once approved, the employee is reimbursed for their eligible expense.

Plan Designs

HRA plans come in a variety of plan designs. Our proprietary platform was designed to offer each client a fully customized HRA plan that is tailored during our setup process. This includes:

  • Section 213 HRA plans with debit cards
  • Deductible bridge HRA plans with various family cap structures
  • HRAs with balance rollovers
  • HRAs with tiered reimbursement structures
  • Retiree HRAs
  • Wellness Plans

What expenses are eligible?

The employer will determine what will and will not be reimbursable under the plan. Eligible expenses can be anything under the scope of IRC Sec 213d. Many employers decide to limit the eligible expenses to certain types of expenses like deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance. Other employers will offer a wider range of eligibility to include all Sec 213d expenses.

Participant Features

We provide our participants with the top tools and resources available without any additional costs. The services listed below are included for participants as part of our standard administration.

  • The MyNavia Mobile App
  • Online Account Access
  • Online Claim Submission
  • The Navia Benefits Debit Card (available for Sec. 213d reimbursement plans only)
  • Account Statements
  • Direct Deposit or Direct Check Mailing

Employer Features

Your clients will be provided with the best features available in the industry at no additional cost to the client or the client’s employees. The services listed below are included as part of our standard plan administration.

  • Customized Plan Designs and Materials
  • Online Account Access and Eligibility reporting
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Custom Reimbursement Cycle
  • Integration with Payroll and HRIS systems
  • Plan Document & SPD Preparation
  • Secure File Uploads
  • Annual Non-Discrimination Testing (NDT) and Form 5500 Preparation
  • Compliance Support Services

Interested in learning more?

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