Marketing Materials

As part of Navia’s standard services, we will provide you with all of the tools and materials necessary to educate your client employees, boost participation numbers, and help your client get more from their benefits!

Presenting Navia to a client?

Take a look at our broker facing materials for more insight into what Navia can offer your client from a product and service perspective.


Broker Solutions – Find out what makes Navia more than just another TPA

Product Portfolio – View a listing of our benefit offerings and product features.

Have an existing client with us?

The best way to offer a successful benefit is through employee education. That’s why we’ve created easy to use tools and resources that are readily available for your employees. An employee base that is well-educated on their benefits offers many advantages to the participant and employer alike, such as:

Increased Participation Levels

Tax advantaged benefit plans are some of the best savings vehicles for participants and employers alike. The employee is able to save hundreds of dollars by avoiding taxation on the funds they set aside and the employer can save thousands of dollars in FICA tax reductions. The money saved through FICA taxes due to the reduction in employee’s taxable earnings can create a tax savings that more than covers the employer’s administrative costs of the plan!

Smooth Benefit Administration

A well-educated employee base reduces the questions that come back to the employer. The reduction in questions gives the employer more time to focus on other high priority tasks.

Happier & Healthier Employees!

The benefit world can be confusing. Providing your employees with the necessary tools and resources to educate themselves on their benefits allows them to better utilize their benefits, think about their medical expenses, and save money in the process!