ADP® Marketplace Adds Navia Benefit Solutions

ADP® Marketplace Adds Navia Benefit Solutions

The ADP® Marketplace integration offers measurable time savings and an easy way to shop for benefits

Employers can now access Navia Benefit Solutions’ consumer-directed health and COBRA plans through ADP® Marketplace!

Navia wanted to make accessing and signing up for our benefit solutions as easy as possible. We’re pleased to integrate with ADP®, which services more than 4 million users across the country.

ADP® Marketplace is a one-stop digital HR storefront where ADP® customers can shop for the benefits and other HR services they need.

ADP® has a rigorous application and review process to become an ADP® Marketplace partner, so you know you are getting a reputable company when you choose one of the businesses on their storefront.

Navia currently offers FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Direct Billing, Telehealth, Commuter, Wellness, and Compliance services on ADP® Marketplace. Check out our offerings now!

Navia Connector for ADP Workforce Now®

In addition to Navia’s ADP® Marketplace listing we also offer a Navia Connector for ADP Workforce Now®, which measurably reduces the complexity and hassle associated with benefits administration and data management.

With the Navia data connector, changes to employee statuses and demographic data are automatically synchronized and reflected in your Navia benefit plan configuration. The connector eliminates the need for additional file exchanges or duplicate data entry into multiple systems. You can control employee eligibility and other events directly from ADP Workforce Now®. NOTE: The Navia Connector for ADP Workforce Now® requires that your company have one or more active Navia Benefit Solutions benefit plans.

Navia Integration Details

Navia integrates with ADP Workforce Now® to automatically exchange employee demographic data and other benefits administration information from ADP Workforce Now®, saving time and improving data accuracy. The data connector is based on the latest available ADP Workforce Now® APIs for benefits administrators, ensuring that customers can take advantage of the most efficient and current integrations from both companies.

Specific Use Cases

  • New hires entered into ADP Workforce Now® are automatically added as benefits-eligible employees in Navia’s systems.
  • Termination date and last dates of eligibility are updated at Navia when employees are terminated or put-on long-term leave statuses.
  • Employee demographic changes (names, addresses, contact information, etc.) are automatically synchronized between ADP® and Navia.

Shopping for benefits on Navia’s ADP® Marketplace listing

Many employers already use ADP Workforce Now® to manage their employees and several other ADP® products for day-to-day management. However, there are some essential products they don’t offer. This is where ADP® Marketplace comes in.

If you’re an ADP® client looking for a benefit administrator for any number of consumer-directed health plans, you can go on ADP® Marketplace and shop Navia’s benefit offerings.

You can search for specific products or needs in their search bar or browse by categories. Every listing provides a thorough description of the partner and its service offerings. Here’s a snapshot of Navia’s ADP® Marketplace app listing:

ADP marketplace navia home


Once you’re on Navia’s listing, you can switch between the tabs in the upper left-hand corner to find out more detailed information. Under “Features,” you can dive deeper into each of our product offerings and learn everything you need to know about Navia to make your decision. Here’s an example of a Features page:

ADP marketplace products


From any page on Navia’s ADP® Marketplace listing you can connect directly with someone who can help you get started with Navia. All you have to do is click the “Contact us” button and an ADP® representative will reach out to you and connect you with the right person at Navia to help serve your needs.

ADP marketplace contact

Rigorous data security and privacy on ADP® Marketplace

The Navia Connector for ADP Workforce Now® underwent a rigorous security review to be approved for ADP® Marketplace. Both Navia and ADP® maintain high security standards for all employee and benefits information due to the sensitivity of the data being exchanged.

ADP® requires every company to complete a background check to ensure they are licensed to do business in the United States. They also conduct a security review of the company’s API and the method in which data is accessed for any vulnerabilities. Finally, after an application has passed all other stages, ADP® manages the connection for the applicant all the way through the go-live process.

Passing ADP’s review process is another testament to Navia’s already rigorous security infrastructure, which includes a SOC2 security ranking.

Future data integrations coming!

Navia is one of the first benefit providers to be approved for ADP® Marketplace. As new APIs become available on ADP Workforce Now®, Navia plans to release additional data integrations such as:

  • Benefits enrollment information: Data entered into ADP Workforce Now® will be transmitted to Navia during open enrollment periods or upon qualified status change events.
  • Payroll deduction information: Data will be synchronized between platforms as employees make new benefit elections or change their existing benefit contribution amounts.

We will keep you updated as these become available.

A little more about Navia Benefit Solutions

Navia Benefit Solutions is a one-stop shop providing a full suite of services for health (FSA, HSA, HRA, COBRA, Telehealth, more), life (Commuter, wellness, adoption, tuition, more), and compliance (NDT, 5500, ERISA, ACA, more). Our proprietary technology works across all our solutions and we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service—consistently ranking 2X higher than the industry average for service satisfaction. We serve 7,000+ employers across all 50 states with 50+ years of leadership in the benefits industry. No matter your benefit strategy, Navia has a solution.


ADP® and ADP Workforce Now® are trademarks of ADP, Inc. or its affiliates or licensors. The information in this document was prepared by Navia Benefit Solutions and Navia Benefit Solutions is solely responsible for its accuracy and completeness. ADP® makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein.