What are Education Benefits?

Navia’s Education Benefits are separated into two different solutions – Tuition Reimbursement and Student Loan Repayment.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursements are a great way to encourage employees to continue their education and help them build skills to benefit your company. Tuition reimbursement plans are customized to fit your company goals. For example, plans are tailored to reimburse a set amount of continuing education credits or college courses. They can also set up GPA requirements or only reimburse certain courses to an area of study. Plan costs are tax deductible, up to $5,250 per employee.

Student Loan Repayment

Student Loan Repayment allows employers to pay a portion of their employee’s student loan debt every year. These plans can be designed to pay the employee directly. Employers can pay up to $5,250 yearly per employee with student loan debt, tax-free.


*You can offer both plans, but can only fund a total of $5,250 per employee per year between both plans.

Participant Features

  • The MyNavia Mobile App
  • Online Account Access
  • Online Claim Submission
  • Direct Deposit or Direct Check Mailing

Employer Features

  • Customized Plan Designs and Materials
  • Online Account Access and Eligibility reporting
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Custom Reimbursement Cycle
  • Integration with Payroll and HRIS systems
  • Plan Document & SPD Preparation
  • Secure File Uploads
  • Annual Non-Discrimination Testing (NDT) and Form 5500 Preparation
  • Compliance Support Services

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User Experience

Smart technology for a better benefit experience.

We know well-designed technology can make administering your benefits easier and improve employee satisfaction. Navia’s proprietary technology works across all our solutions to make your day easier and improve everyone’s benefit experience.

  • Employer and Participant Portals
  • Mobile App

Unparalleled service, no matter where you are.

Navia serves 7,000+ employers across all 50 states. We have 30 years of experience serving the benefits industry and we are committed to providing unparalleled service to our brokers, employers, and participants.

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For Individuals

Education Benefits
Build skills, save money, and invest in your future

What are Education Benefits?

Tuition Reimbursement

A Tuition Reimbursement plan is an account funded by your employer to help you pay for continuing education. Each plan is custom-designed by your employer. 

Student Loan Repayment

A Student Loan Repayment plan is an account funded by your employer to help you pay your student loans. Each plan is custom-designed by your employer.

Who and What are Covered?

Both Tuition Reimbursement and Student Loan Repayment benefits covers you, the employee. The following expenses are covered:

Tuition Reimbursement

  • Tuition expenses
  • Fees
  • Other related expenses required for enrollment at an eligible educational institution

Student Loan Repayment

  • Student loan payments

How Does it Work?

  • You are automatically enrolled. Your employer will automatically enroll you in the plan they offer.
  • Learn about your specific plan. Since each Benefit Education plan is different, you will need to make sure you know your plan details. You will receive a Navigation Guide from Navia. This guide will have all your plan specifics.
  • Funds are available according to your plan design. The funds are available based upon your employer’s plan. Once you have funds available you are able to submit claims for reimbursement.
  • Submit claims online! Claims can be submitted on the Navia participant portal or through Navia’s mobile app. You will need a copy of your receipt when sending your claim to Navia.

Accessing Your Benefits

Navia Participant Portal

Get 24/7 access to your benefits with the Navia Participant Portal. Submit claims, view account balances and history, get alerts and notifications, request additional debit cards, access our customer service, and much more!

Navia Mobile App

Whether you’re at the doctor’s office or on vacation, the MyNavia App allows you to manage and access your benefits right from your smartphone! Available for iPhone and Android devices, the MyNavia App is a free-to-download and free-to-use tool for any Navia participant.


Check out our Navia Benefits Academy or Help Center.