Navia Diversity Plan: Listen to our community, educate, and act

Navia is committed to building a company where employees feel safe. We strive to provide an inclusive environment where every race, background, belief, and sexual orientation is celebrated. Diversity has long been an important part of Navia’s culture and we are taking steps to further this commitment. We want to make sure equality and diversity are not just add-ons to our culture, but pillars of our corporate identity.

We will continue to make our work environment a trusting place to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations. Through genuine conversation, we will identify more and more actions we can take to work toward true equality in our workplace. Here’s what we’ve started so far:

  • Developed an interactive community page for employees to share educational resources and have a town-hall-like forum for sharing and supporting ideas.
  • Created an anonymous feedback site where employees can share ongoing feedback about diversity and inclusion.
  • Intend to launch the first of many Navia employee surveys on racism, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Hosted a third-party bias and diversity training for all hiring managers, managers, supervisors, and leads to ensure those in positions of power are aware and trained to denounce racism in the work environment. We have plans to make this training standard for our staff as well.
  • Launched a Navia Diversity Team to continue the conversation and identify purposeful actions for change.

As Navia continues to take actions toward true equality in the workplace, we will update this page. We are committed to continuing to place diversity and equality at the center of our corporate culture.