About compliance services

Navia compliance services are designed to help you stay compliant with the law and avoid costly fines. Our team has 20 years of experience handling complex benefit compliance issues with the IRS / DOL and we’re here to help.

All types of employee benefits have regulations and federal laws employers are required to comply with. If companies do not comply or are unsure how to comply, they could be penalized. Fines can add up to millions of dollars and in some cases, failure to comply opens a company up to an employee suing them in criminal court.

To ensure your company is following these regulations, Navia offers six different benefit compliance services to establish protection for you and your employees:

  • ACA Reporting
  • 5500 late filings
  • NDT
  • POP
  • Auditing

ACA Reporting

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting is the action of filing required information to the IRS and sending copies to that company’s employees. ACA Reporting requires employers to file this information annually. If these reports are not filed properly or in the given time frame, fines can become quite costly. Depending on how late the form is filed, the penalty can be up to $270 per form and an additional penalty of $270 per form for failure to furnish to individuals. If mismanaged, these fines can add up to millions of dollars.

Who Is Affected by This Law?

  • Any person, including self-insured employers that provide Minimum Essential Coverage to an individual during a calendar year must report certain information to the IRS on Form 1094-B and 1095-B, and
  • Applicable Large Employers (ALEs), who within the previous year, had 50 or more full-time employees (including full-time equivalent employees) must report certain information on the IRS Form 1094-C and 1095-C.

Full-time employees are those who work 30 or more hours per week or an average of 130 hours a month.  Some employers may meet the requirements using this as a guideline for ACA reporting, however, some employers may also have seasonal employees and qualify for exemptions for those who work less than 120 days within the year and may not be subject to the filing requirements.

How Do I Comply?

  • If you are a self-insured employer, you need to file a form 1095-B, regardless of employee counts.
  • If you are an employer with 50 or more full-time employees, you need to file a Form 1095-C.

Navia ACA Reporting solutions

3 levels of service

Navia offers 3 levels of service depending on your needs:

  • Tracking and Reporting – Full Service Option
  • Reporting Only
  • Filing Only

Administrative Support

ACA Reporting can be overwhelming with administrative tasks. Navia provides complete support, which allows employers to spend only 15 minutes per month handling ACA Reporting requirements.

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5500 Late Filing

The Deliquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program (DFVCP) allows employers to pay reduced civil fines if they have filed Form 5500 late. Reduced fines are available if employers voluntarily apply for this program and if Form 5500 filings are made prior to the stated date by the Department of Labor (DOL).

Who Is Affected by This Law?

  • Employers that filed Form 5500 late
  • Employers that have never filed Form 5500

Navia 5500 late filing solutions

Apply for DFVCP

Navia assists plan administrators by preparing and filing delinquent Form 5500 or Form 5500-SF (for eligible small plans) under the DFVCP. We specialize in Delinquent Form 5500 Filing and will guide you through the process and complete the filings.

Reduce fines

Within a month, employers could face $33,750 in penalties from the DOL/IRS. Navia is here to reduce or eliminate those fines by bringing your filings current, applying for the DFVCP, and negotiating with the DOL.

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Non-Discrimination Testing, commonly referred to as NDT, is an annual test designed to ensure benefits remain pre-tax by determining whether highly compensated employees are disproportionately favored. Employers are responsible for ensuring their benefits are tested and corrective measures taken when necessary.

Who Is Affected by This Law?

  • Employers who offer the following plans: Cafeteria Plans, FSAs, HRAs, MEC, Self-Insured Major Medical & Dental Group, Term Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, AD&D
  • Ineligible Individuals

Navia NDT solutions

Multiple tests per year

Navia performs up to three tests per year to ensure your plan stays tax-advantaged.If your plan is not compliant, Navia advisers will guide you on how to make sure your plan complies.

Peace of mind

Navia’s online tool is designed to make your testing experience easy and lower your incorrect results. We can help you over the phone and through email—but remember we cannot provide tax or legal advice.

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that regulates employer group-sponsored benefit plans. Most employers who offer a group-sponsored benefit plan are required to provide employees with specific plan features and provisions, funding information, and reporting to the government. There are strict deadlines and guidelines for disclosing plan information to eligible participants. Failure to comply with ERISA requirements can result in costly penalties such as $110 per-day, per-employee.

Who Is Affected by This Law?

  • All employers who offer healthcare benefit plans.

Navia ERISA solutions

Offload administration tasks

Navia offers tailored ERISA plan designs that cover 5500 filings, customized document generation and participant notifications, government reporting, regulatory guidance, and technical assistance.

Mitigate employer risk

To comply with the ERISA regulations, you need to provide the required documentation, time sensitive notices, and government reporting. Navia provides uniformity and protection by managing all aspects of ERISA compliance.

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Premium-only-plan (POP) is a great way to save on taxes. Setting up a Section 125 POP allows employees to pay for insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars and reduces employer payroll taxes. POP plans can be applied to premiums for group insurance products such as health, dental, vision, disability, up to $50,000 in term life coverage, and other supplemental coverage. The best part is these plans allow employees to take-home more pay each month.

Who should get a POP plan?

  • Any employer who offers health care benefits and would like to offer pre-tax payment of qualified benefits.
  • Any employer that is required by state law to provide a POP plan.

Navia POP solutions

Effortless Administration

Navia creates the POP document for all of your insurance plans. They cover qualified premiums for the following healthcare plans: medical, dental, vision, FSA contributions, HSA contributions, disability, group term life insurance, and ancillary benefits.

Compliance oversight

Navia manages compliance oversight to ensure all documents, disclosures, plan summaries, and provisions are properly handled.

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The Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will often audit employer’s provided information about their group-sponsored benefits and reporting. Depending on their findings, they could charge you with extensive fines. The IRS penalty for late filing of a 5500-series return is $25 per day, up to a maximum of $15,000. The DOL penalty for late filing can run up to $2,233 per day, with no maximum. Navia can help reduce or eliminate these and other fines from audits.

Who Is Affected by This?

  • Any employer who offers a health care plan
  • Any employer who must comply with ACA Reporting requirements

Navia Auditing solutions

Reduce penalties and preventative oversight

Navia’s compliance experts are able to abate or discharge penalties caused from audits. We also identify risks before an audit occurs and give guidance for corrections.

Comprehensive administration

Navia assists in gathering, preparing, and submitting items to the DOL/IRS. We also analyze your administration process and procedures to ensure you are protected in the case of an audit.

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