How does it work?

Benefit statements, or total compensation statements, help employees understand the value of their pay and benefits package. An effective benefit statement clearly communicates the significant contribution your company makes to their well-being and financial security. Providing a transparent look at their benefits is a great way to increase job satisfaction, promote company culture, and retain talented employees.

Key Benefits

  • Clear, concise, eye-catching presentation of employee benefits
  • Full customization to match your company brand and culture
  • Detailed personalization to each individual
  • Print and digital delivery options


Employee retention

Avoid the increasing cost of turnover. Transparency is key to increasing employee satisfaction, and benefit statements provide the tools to communicate the value of your benefits package.

Create community

Boost employee dedication & morale. A strong company identity is the foundation that makes employees feel connected. Customized benefit statements emphasize your unique brand and mission.

Illustrate greater value

Protect the investment you make in your people. Benefit statements provide the unique opportunity for employees to see exactly what the company contributes towards their wellbeing and future financial security.

Employee engagement

Enhance awareness of available benefits. Drive participation through targeted education and presentation of data to maximize utilization of available benefit options.


As our client, you gain access to industry-best features and capabilities:

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Customized design for your brand & mission
  • Provide targeted messages to specific employee segments
  • Show comparison charts of employer vs. employee contributions
  • Improved communication & transparency of benefit options
  • Increase enrollment & participation
  • Educate and inform during recruitment & open enrollment
  • Emphasize company culture to increase loyalty
  • Secure data transmission
  • Print & online fulfillment options

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