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About Participant Services

Participant Services work directly with participants who are enrolled in Flexible Spending Accounts, Commuter Benefits, Lifestyle Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and COBRA benefit plans. They service participants through call centers, virtual communication, and claim processing.


About Account Management

Account Management is dedicated to managing Navia’s relationships with clients and brokers. They offer support and education on the benefits we provide along with general customer service.

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About Information Technology

Information Technology offers vital support with building communication networks and safeguarding data, while also assisting our staff troubleshoot company devices. Completing a wide range of other tasks, IT works to ensure the efficiency and security of Navia.

About Engineering

Engineering develops and maintains Navia’s internal and external software that supports the company. This includes our proprietary software, the Employer, Participant, and Broker Portals, Navia mobile app, and various partner integrations.


About Business Development & Sales

Business Development/Sales create and foster relationships with new potential clients, helping Navia grow nationwide, while educating them on our products and services.



About Marketing

Marketing supports the Business Development/Sales department with revenue-generating content. They also maintain the company’s website, monitor and address brand reputation, and ensure Navia’s brand standards are met.

About COBRA Administration

COBRA Administrative Services support both the COBRA Participant Services and COBRA Account Management teams. They establish and maintain eligibility records, process payments and documentation, ensure all communications are sent securely, and more. They handle much of the back-end work for the entire COBRA department.

About Imports

Imports oversees our primary way of receiving participant information from our clients including terminations, new hires, enrollments, demographic updates. They are also responsible for testing file feeds for newly implemented clients to ensure they are receiving all required information in a consolidated format.

About Human Resources

The Human Resources department’s primary responsibility is to serve Navia’s employees.  Our mission is to help bring in the most talented individuals into the company while making onboarding/retention as seamless as possible.  Most of our team’s individual time is spent focused on recruitment, employee onboarding, benefits & payroll administration, as well as employee relations.

About Training & Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for testing the software that Navia builds and uses for both internal staff and external users. Identifying issues in the software, QA will track and then create enhancements to ensure business requirements are being met.

About Product

Product sits at the intersection of business, technology, and user experience. They identify the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to turn that vision into a reality.

About Compliance & Risk Management

Ensuring that Navia abides by all relevant laws and regulations, the Compliance & Risk Management department also handles compliance related inquires, contract negotiations, and creating plan documents and amendments; keeping Navia proactive in the Benefits and Third-Party Administration world.

About Accounting & Finance

One department working on both internal and external processes, Accounting handles Navia’s clientele: processing claim disbursements, COBRA remittance, plan balancing, and more. While Finance works on Navia’s operations: invoicing fees, compiling financial statements for our lenders and private equity partners.

About Integration & Implementation

Integration & Implementation offer pivotal support and education in all new and current client transitions. They set up and onboard new clients, their plans, and sustain continued client relations to help facilitate any updates or processes.

About My Benefit Statements

Navia’s My Benefit Statements department assists employers by showing the true value of their compensation and benefits package to active employees. Combining graphic design with math, logic, and programing skills they produce customized employee benefit statements.

About Scheduled Plan Services

Scheduled Plan Services (SPS) administers Navia’s Scheduled Health Reimbursement Arrangement plans. They also administer our self-funded dental and vision plans, prescription benefits, and Minimum Essential Coverage plans. With a dedicated customer service team, they handle all service calls to assist members, providers and employers who use these benefits.

About Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence works internally with Navia’s departments in creating and maintaining key performance indicators, metric dashboards and schedules, claim administration and supporting participants with their questions regarding consumer-driven healthcare benefits and claims.


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