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Learn how to roll out a Lifestyle Spending Account

Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) help with recruitment, retention, and productivity. Most importantly, they help workers feel more satisfied with their jobs. 55% of employees say quality of life is more important than financial incentives—a major shift in priorities from just a decade ago.

The Guide to Rolling Out a Lifestyle Spending Account includes recent research from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Deloitte Insights and walks you through the:

  • Changing face of employee needs
  • Value of adding an LSA
  • Benefit options landscape
  • Tips for setting up your LSA

Benefit solutions for any strategy

Navia is a national, consumer-directed benefits provider serving 9,000+ employers across all 50 states. The company provides comprehensive health and compliance solutions to employers and consumers, and offers industry-leading customer service, communications, and technology. Founded in 1989, Navia began as Flex-Plan Services, and over the years has grown into one of the nation’s premier benefit providers.