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Navia FAQs
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Where is Navia Benefit Solutions located?

Navia Benefit Solutions is located in Bellevue, WA. 100% of our employees work in the same office, no offsite call centers, no outsourcing.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Check out our Contact Us page and call the department related to your benefit. If you’re unsure of how to direct your call, call our customer service team and they’ll be able to redirect you based on your account information.

What are the System Requirements for using the Navia Participant and Employer Portals

Navia supports the following platform and browser combinations:
Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or above *, Microsoft Edge
Mac: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

JavaScript must be enabled to access the Navia Portals from any browser.

*Internet Explorer 10 can be used, but TLS 1.1 must be enabled.

There are no additional software requirements for using the Navia Portals.

Why was my card declined?

A card transaction can be denied at a merchant for several reasons:

  • The card is suspended due to an unsubstantiated prior transaction.
  • The card has not been activated.
  • The card swipe is more than the available FSA balance.
  • The purchase is being made at a merchant that is not an approved vendor.
  • The merchant entered incorrect card information

If you need assistance with your card, contact our customer service team

Why do I have to submit documentation when I use the Navia Benefits Card?

The IRS requires that all transactions through an FSA are documented and verified to be eligible medical expenses. The Navia Benefits Card has the technology to identify certain expenses as eligible (such as Copays and Prescriptions). Card transactions for other types of expenses commonly require documentation to verify the expense as eligible.

Who can use the MyNavia App?

Any FSA, HSA, Commuter, or HRA participant with an Android or iPhone can use the MyNavia App. The app is free to download and free to use!

What benefits are compatible with the App?

Currently, the App will work with the following benefits:

  • Health Care FSA
  • Day Care FSA
  • Limited Health Care FSA
  • Health Savings Account
  • Commuter
  • HRAs
  • Direct Reimbursement Plans

How do I register the MyNavia App?

Registering the MyNavia App is easy with these simple steps!

  • 1) Search for “MyNavia” in Google Play or the Apple App Store and download the MyNavia App to your mobile device.
  • 2) Launch the app and sign in with your username and password.
  • 3) Once, you’re signed in, select the email or mobile phone number displayed to have a verification code sent to you.
  • 5) Enter the verification code from your email or phone, and tap Verify.
  • 6) You can choose to setup fingerprint or facial identification to login for future access, if your device supports them.

Can I reuse my identification code?

No. The identification code may only be used once to activate the MyNavia App. If you delete and re-download the MyNavia App, or download it on a separate device, you will need to request a new identification code to activate it.

What happens to my MyNavia App if I get a new phone?

If your cell phone carrier is not able to transfer your apps for you, you will need to download the MyNavia App on your new device and request a new identification code to activate it.

Are there any restrictions on the size of photos I can upload through the MyNavia App?

In order to speed up the claim submission process, the MyNavia App has a limit on the size of uploaded photos:

  • Android – 200 megapixels
  • Iphone – 300 megapixels

A good practice when uploading photos through the MyNavia App is to use a lower megapixel setting on your phone’s camera (as long as the date, type, and cost of service can be clearly seen). We typically recommend setting your phones camera somewhere between 3 to 5 megapixels.

Who can I contact if I’m having issues with my app?

Our customer service department is ready to take your call Monday through Friday between the hours of 5am and 5pm PST, or you can email us at Make sure you mention the following:

  • Version of the app you are running
  • What kind of phone you have (for example, iPhone 10 or Samsung S9)
  • What operating system you’re using (for example, iOS 13.1 or Android 9)

The more detail you can give us about the problem you’re experiencing, the better!

If you have ideas for how we can improve the MyNavia App, you can send them to

How do I participate in a FSA?

If your employer offers an FSA through Navia, you’ll enroll during your employer’s specified open enrollment period. Check with your HR or benefits department to determine when you’ll have an opportunity to enroll.

Can I change my election amount during the year?

You cannot change your election amount during the year unless you experience a qualifying event. Common qualifying events include the addition or subtraction of a dependent through marriage, birth, adoption, death, or divorce.

Once I enroll, do I have to re-enroll each year?

Yes. Re-enrolling each year allows you to reassess your yearly expenditures and increase or decrease your election amount accordingly.

What happens if I have money remaining in my account at the end of the year?

The Health Care FSA is subject to the “Use-It or Lose-It” rule. This means that if you do not use your all of your annual election within the plan year, the remaining funds are returned to your employer and are not refundable to you.

Check your employer’s plan design to see if the Grace Period or Carryover feature has been put in place to help reduce your risk of loss.

My spouse’s employer also offers FSAs. How does this affect my FSA accounts with Navia?

The Health Care FSA and Limited Health Care FSA are unaffected. Both you and your spouse could contribute the maximum to the plan and each FSA can cover both of your expenses. For example, if you both elected for $2550 in each FSA, you would have a total of $5100 FSA dollars available.

The Day Care FSA is a $5000 calendar year household maximum allowing you to set aside funds based on the following guidelines:

  • $5,000 if you are married filing jointly,
  • $5,000 if you are single, or
  • $2,500 if you are married filing separately

If you each have a Day Care FSA, be sure to follow the guidelines above and not exceed a $5000 election in a calendar year.

Who can I cover?

The FSA covers you, your spouse and any taxable dependents. Even if your spouse and dependents are on a separate medical insurance plan, their expenses are still eligible under your FSA.

Can I cover my domestic partner under the Health Care FSA?

Generally, no. You can only cover your domestic partner under the FSA if your domestic partner is a taxable dependent of yours.

When will I receive a payment from the FSA?

If you submitted a claim for reimbursement, your reimbursement will be sent based on your employer’s reimbursement schedule.

Can I set up direct deposit for reimbursements?

Yes. You can either provide your banking information for direct deposit at time of enrollment or at any time through your participant account.

Can I make changes to my election amount?

You’re unable to make any changes to your election unless you experience a qualifying event. However, in addition to the normal list of qualifying events, there are some special events exclusive to the Day Care FSA:

  • A change in your day care costs, such as a rate decrease or increase, or receiving free day care.
  • A change in your need for day care (your spouse loses employment or has a change in work schedule).
  • Your dependent ceases to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

What are the tax benefits?

The HSA is considered a triple-tax advantaged account

  1. Contributions to the HSA are tax-free.
  2. Interest gained on savings or investments within the HSA is tax-free
  3. Withdrawals for eligible medical expenses are tax-free

What are the qualifications to opening an HSA?

You qualify to enroll in the HSA if:

  • You are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • You are not claimed as a dependent on someone’s taxes
  • You are not covered by any other health insurance policies that are not considered HDHPs (this includes Medicare and unlimited Flexible Spending Accounts)
  • Your spouse does not participate an FSA or HRA through their employer
  • You do not participate in the Health Care FSA through your employer

What expenses are eligible under the HSA?

Any expense that is considered medically necessary. Check out our Eligible Expense list to see what’s eligible!

Whose expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

You, your spouse, and dependent’s expenses are eligible for reimbursement under the HSA. Your spouse and dependents do not need to be enrolled under your medical plan for their expenses to be considered eligible. You must be enrolled in the HDHP through your employer in order to make contributions to the HSA.

What if I decide to enroll in a non-qualified HSA medical plan? What happens to the funds in my HSA?

If you choose to enroll in a non-high deductible health plan (HDHP), you are no longer eligible to contribute funds into the HSA. You still have access to use the funds within the HSA, you just cannot make further contributions until you re-enroll in a qualified HDHP.

What are catch-up contributions?

Individuals age 55 and older may contribute an additional $1,000 per year above the HSA maximum.

Can I withdraw funds for non-medical expenses?

At age 65, or if you become disabled, funds in your HSA can be used for non-medical expenses. Those funds would have to be claimed as taxable income and regular income tax would apply.

Under the age of 65, non-medical withdrawals from your HSA would have to be claimed as taxable income and an additional 20% tax penalty would be applied.

What happens to my HSA when I terminate employment?

The HSA is yours. Any funds within the HSA at the time of your termination remain accessible to you after termination. Just keep in mind that you can no longer contribute funds into the HSA unless you are enrolled in an HSA qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Do I need to remember to place my order each month?

No, the GoNavia Commuter program can be set to load your Navia Benefits Card with your transit and/or parking amount automatically each month. You will receive an email reminder each month in advance of your card being loaded. You can even pre-select certain months in advance where you don’t want to receive the benefit.

When will my Navia Benefits Card be sent to me?

If you already have a Navia Benefits Card, your transit and/or parking funds will be loaded to your current card—there’s no need to wait for a new one. If you don’t have a card you will receive one once you submit your first order. Remember, this card will be the same card if you are enrolled in the FSA.

What if the amount I order is more than the IRS allowable monthly limit?

If your monthly order exceeds the monthly IRS limit, the exceeding amount is noted on your order confirmation page. Your employer will deduct this amount from your paycheck on an after-tax basis. It is important to note that any employer subsidy used to purchase a pass counts against the monthly tax-free limit.

What is the monthly “tax-free” limit?

The current monthly limit is $270 for transit and $270 for parking. These monthly limits are subject to change per IRS regulations.

What is the deadline to place my commuter order for the following month?

Your orders must be placed midnight on the 20th of the previous month, unless otherwise indicated in your participant portal account. Your Navia Benefits Card will be loaded between the 23rd and the last day of the month.

What happens to the transit and/or parking balance on my benefits card at the end of the benefit month?

The balance will roll over from month-to-month as long as you are an active employee and remain eligible for this benefit.

What happens to my commuter benefits if I leave my employment?

Upon termination, your Navia Benefits Card will be shut off and any unused balance on the cards will be forfeited to your employer

What happens to my commuter benefits if my card is lost or stolen?

If your Navia Benefits Card is lost or stolen, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-669-3539 for a replacement.

Where can I use my Navia Benefits Card for transit or parking?

You may use your benefit at any transit authority website, kiosk, ticket office, or parking vendor that is coded as a transit authority or parking merchant respective to the benefit you’ve ordered.

What happens if my benefits card doesn’t arrive in the mail?

If you do not have your Navia Benefits Card in hand by the first day of the month, contact customer service immediately and we will help to arrange for redelivery of your pass to an alternate address.

Do I receive new insurance cards if I elect for COBRA?

If you need new insurance cards, your insurance carrier will send those to you once your elections and payment have been received.