2023 Benefit Trends Report

2023 Benefit Trends Report

Navia has pooled the opinions of leading benefit experts and top HR journals to come up with this year’s 2023 Benefit Trends report. Download the report now to find out what the new year holds for human resources and benefits teams.

What effect will the continuing inflation crisis have on companies and workers? What does the recent layoff of tech workers foretell? Are we in for a deeper recession than predicted? What benefits programs are giving employers and workers a fighting chance against what appears to be a direct attack on the wallet?

As remote work continues to be a key element of the work force, what kinds of programs will employers implement to keep workers meaningfully engaged?

Kids are great, but what happens when parents need to earn a living? The day care crisis experienced during the pandemic was like the canary in the mine. It lay bare a reality that day care support is scarce with few opening and fewer workers to support them. Pay remains low yet day care costs are through the roof with monthly costs often exceeding $1,600-$1,800/month per child. The report discusses options employers are considering.

Among other trends, the report reveals how employee benefit statements are a low-cost, effective way to improve employee satisfaction and benefits like lifestyle spending accounts are becoming key factors in recruitment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn what benefits are trending in 2023. Find out what workers want and how to deliver it!